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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wolves are kissable?!

A recent reasearch has shown that wolves howl when they are in love. I just wanted to ask if it is true, when it comes to you?
Do you howl? Or do you not? Are you the alpha? What if you are a beta? Does the moon affect you in any way? Do you have a pack? Are you proud of it if yes? Is it a lone wolf, what you are? Are you a grey one or a German Shepherd...or Siberian Huskie? Are you a wolf at all? What if you are a dog? Would you feel less special that way? Would you feel ashamed? Would you still pretend to be a wolf? Could you fake it just as good? They say that a wolf can change its skin, but not the manners/character, do you agree? Can you change, if it was for free? Into a real wolf I mean. Do you like running with the wind and chacing wildest dreams? Do you like hiding in the dark and seeing beyond the darkness that's within? Do you like scrutinizing others with your sight or always peer into the ground? What is that relationship you are having with the moon? Is it an affair or something which will never bloom? Is it a myth that people like to tell, and you are afraid to disagree? Because the true story might not be for everybody's ears? 

Would you kill me if I am not a preditor like you? If I were a domestic animal? Would you enjoy tearing my peaceful heart with fangs and claws? Will it be an act of art or just natural selection? Without thoughts, with no affection? What if we were from the same kind? Same blood type, maybe? Where on earth would that be? Which forest would be so enchanted, so unique? I wonder as I howl on my way back home when witching hour. And that howl is so loud, did it come from my throat? Was it my voice singing to the clouds and stars, under the drumming of the rain? Under the tribal dance of inflared leaves and deadly music of someone's pain. Do you hear that howl? Perhaps it's a happy one? Perhaps howling can't get you tired? Have you tried? It comes natural once you start...if you only knew how to. Howl? I am sure you do - intuition speaks.

Do you think wolves might be kissable? Or the thought of it is inadmissible? Don't you worry that if they were indeed...and if you were ever kissed by one? Or two or three? Or more? Would you return the final kiss, or roar in defence? Would you rather miss...or there will be a suspense?

End of survey - sign and leave. 

Mr Wolf Bite Creed

Friday, 9 August 2013

Рецепта за Пухкави палачинки / Fluffy pancakes recipe

В тaзи рецепта за палачинки има 2 тайни съставки за пухкава наслада. Пропорциите са 1:1.
1 чаша брашно, 1 чаша прясно мляко, 1 яйце, щипка сол, щипка сода, 1 с. л. захар, 1 с. л. олио, 1 с. л. ябълков отцет

Порция:- за 3 големи палачинки
За по-голямо количество палачинки: 2 чаши брашно, 2 ч. прясно мляко, 2 яйца, щипка сол, щипка сода, 2 с. л. захар,1 с.л.олио, 4 с. л. газирана вода/лимонада. 
По желание готовите палачинки могат да се поръсят с канела/пудра захар.

For wonderful fluffy pancakes you need 2 secret ingredients: one of them is a table spoon of Apple Cider vinegar and the 2nd one is 4 table spoons of a fizzy drink:lemonade or sparkling water. The proportion is 1:1.

Ingredients: 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, a pinch of soda, 1 table spoon of sugar, and a table spoon of Apple Cider vinegar.

Portion: 3 large pancakes

Ingredients for a double portion 6-8 pancakes depending on how thick you like them: 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of milk, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, pinch of soda, 2 table spoons of sugar, 4 table spoons of lemonade/sparkling water. Finishing touch: a sprinkle of cinnamon or icing sugar.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Някой случаен, случайно проси дали си добре,
а в очите ти гори едно болезнено "не".
Някой случаен те възнаграждава с усмивка,
случаен принцип, случайна забивка.
Някой случаен загрижено моли,
неслучайно да преглътнеш своите неволи.
Споделено с поглед и със усмивка -
във входа, във влкака, в квартална отбивка.
Някой своята салфетка ти подава,някой обречен на забрава.
Някой как света изпълва със надежда,
щом към теб с Небезразличие поглежда.
Някой тъй топло ти се усмихва
и болката ти в миг, за миг утихва...

Обожавам случайните неслучайни хора. Онези, които се срещат само веднъж, рядко срещаните. Хората, които ни разкриват непознатото в нас самите и ни обогатяват до неприличие. Моите герои са често безименни. Но пък с най-красивите черти. Един чистач - слънце от Унгария, Една безумно млада и влюбена двойка, живееща извън оковите на този век; железничар - Ангел от Охрид, Вампир от морето; поет - революционер - пенсионер; писател-пънкар Мики, който може да разчете моите йероглифи; 
Кои са твоите герои? Имаш ли такива? Аз ненаситно пиша за моите. А най-забавното, те едва ли някога биха помислили колко възхищение будят у едно детско, българско сърце. :)) 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Chaophraya Thai Restaurant & Bar, Glasgow review/ Тайландска кухня

  Our eternal love for food and natural curiosity led us to trying some Eastern delicacies. I've always been highly recommended to try Thai food so we finally ended up in the city center's Chaophraya restaurant - in the middle of Buchanan street, just a little after Forever21. We sat in the open area as the weather outside was sunny and warm  - Scotland is an extremely lovely place in the summer. Too bad that season doesn't knock on the door for more than few days in the year ( 2013 is a lucky exception).
By reading reviews of places you get a rough idea what is the mass/common view and then decide whether to invest your time going there. I am not a fan of Negative reviews, unfortunately this one is going to be such. There are pros and cons listed to be fair and honest. It was a bit of delight and a bit of a disappointment.
The Menu

  • Nice selection of different kinds of food: Rice and Noodle section; Meat section; Salads and soups and vegetarian options as well.
  • Delicious - absolutely wonderful - spicy, however not burning your mouth. 

  • Taking into account its central location - on the High Street - less than 5 minutes from George Square, the price range was reasonable. Around £10 for appetizers and around £15 for a main course meal.  
  • However if it was not in the city center the prices would not fit what you get. The main meal would not feed you if you are really hungry (as in the case was as much as the appetizer). 

Customer Service:

Very friendly and positive - always polite and smiling. Overall very helpful. 
EXTREMELY unorganized. Firstly we had to wait more than 15 minutes after sitting to be offered a menu, after asking for one in the beginning (it was not extremely busy at that point). There were 3 different waiters serving us, ending up with ordering a coke to all three of them which came 20 minutes after we've asked the 1st waiter ( my glass of Mekong came on time - just about 5-10 mins after the order). The meals came without any delays served by another 4th waiter and were lovely.
Mekong - alcoholic drink: whiskey from Thailand
Customer service is a vital thing for me, it can put me off even from the best places: shops/ restaurants; no matter if the quality of the food is good, if you are mistreated in a way (as in our case forgotten for few times by different waiters) then that place does not deserve your attention. 

Mekong - alcoholic drink: whiskey from Thailand
Grade for customer service 1 out of 5, because the staff were polite. Nonetheless our orders came with extreme delays. It might be due to a training process, tiredness, the heat...but it happened few times, which I do not consider as good excuses. 

Fried Prawns: with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

If you'd like to try Thai food I would strongly recommend it...but not especially in that restaurant.

Fried Prawns: with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

Friday, 19 July 2013

NOTD and summer polishes :D / лакове и маникюри

 Страхотни лакове за всяка колекция. Този на  Classics e номер 206 много нежно светло кафяво/розово със златист отблясък. Два пласта за по-наситен цвят, един е достатъчен за по-нежен, естествен вид. Цена 1,20 лв.

Лакът на Perfect ме грабна сред всички, които видях на Golden Rose Jolly Jewels. Просто това е една експлозия от по-малки и по-големи черни и златни точици. Стои ужасно добре и е подходящо за всякакви случаи, може да се комбинира с всичко. Махането му е малко досадна част, поради факта , че е блясък/glitter. Цена 2,10 лв.

Незнайно защо имах мания за снимане на ръце и крака на различни фонове. Разни хора, разни идеали...

Доматено лято, с много чушки и слънце. Незабравими разходки по залез и уникално топъл дъжд. Хмм, доматите от село са сладки! А тези от магазина пластмасови, ще ми се да можех да си отглеждам на терасата! :)) но уви...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Усмивки цъфтят, откъсни си една! или по-скоро посади...

Щастливци сме с тебе. Такова начало бива ли? Или ще ме убеждаваш, че краят бил по-важен? Скачай сега и разбивай се, на милиони малки парченца любов. Нали така сме създадени? А после захвърлени и изоставени на кръвожадната арена ''Живот''. Галиха ни с перце докато бяхме деца, каквото и да е било детството ти, сигурна съм, че е хубаво. Моите спомени все ме пренасят на полето при животните, при ожулените колена и хилядите дребни грижи за гордист и предразсъдъци.
Бързаш, скачай де! Да те бутна ли за * летящ старт? И други хора чакат. Или последни думи искаш - реч ли ще държиш? Нали търсиш подкрепа и разбиране? Подкрепям те, скачай! Ще кажа после на вашите как си им завещал едно сърцераздирателно и много театрално ''сбогом''. Цинична съм? Нима ти малко не преиграваш? На 18 си, о, извинявай 28. 46 ли каза? Опашка стана докато се наканиш.

Крие се в очите ти! Тези очи, чиито цвят днес няма значение. Обичам ги подпухнали и зажаднели за нежна ласка с думи, неизречени на глас, а прошепнати на ум.  Обичам ги зачервени, кръвясали и широко отворени - ненаситни за още...удоволствие. Не, ами работа уви. А колко е хубаво, че сме будни - ставаме с изгрива и си лягаме пак с него. Залеза ни е далечен, една благозвучна музика обляна в меки облаци, нежните звуци на шумящи листа и луната - тази пълна луна, при която сън не ни хваща. Понякога светли, никога мрачни очите ти попиват плавно и изпиват на един дъх толкова много...мрак и бездушие. А тази вечна усмивка в тях не спира да ме озадачава.

Будни сме, и днес се събудихме. И чухме треската на улицата, музиката от колите; задушаващия дим на фабриките ни опияни и небето беше отново онзи розово-оранжев цвят, предизвикан от невинната игра на опитни* химици. И виждаме, с очите си, тъй ясно пожарите по планини и равнини, запалени от будните сърца на хората. А нима не е подарък, да чуваш ясно, с тези твои неработеши раковини от двете страни на главата - да чуваш танца на калта под краката си. Тези здрави крака, които могат да те отведат до най-прекрасните места на земята. И тази земя под ноктите ти, на отрудените бели ръце; сега пълни с мазоли и пътеки по тях. Кокалести и груби, ала пълни с нежност. Нима те не могат да ти построят палат? А хората които нямат...дом? Хора, пребродили света и разделени от семействата, работещи по 20 часа дневно. Да правилно чу, 20 от 24 - висша математика. Те още се усмихват и се смеят. Усмихват се като на малко дете на твоя доста жалък скок. Онези люде без близки и роднини, в онази тъмна мащеха, Чужбина, не ти пука за тях зная. Но и те широко се усмихват, на всеки близък непознат озарил деня им със случайно нарочна усмивка. Мислил ли си някога за тези, вкопчили се отчаяно в последните отблясъци на пламъка, на догарящата свещ. Обречени на вечна младост. Те се хвърлят бясно в надпреварата за пълноценно усмихване.
 Смееш се. Погледът ти блуждае. Не ме слушаш. Чудесно. Аз си отивам - цирка - пред други! Възхищавам ти се, че се предаваш, колко смело, наистина. Достойно за човек на твоите години и разумно, след като не намираш решение в книгите.

Искаш да скочиш, а не го правиш. Преодолей си страховете. Никой не е вечен. Недей да плачеш, просто осмивах жаждата ти за фатални тръпки. Опитвах се да те усмихна - това е твоето естествено изражение. Браво! Видя ли - направи от мухата слон. Само защото хората организирали скока с бънджи бяха расисти, откъснали и изкоренили тази твоя невероятна усмивка, трябваше да ти проговоря. С писма пратени по жицата, по белите гълъби. Написани на език, който само очите ти говорят. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Liz Earle cleanse and polish makeup cleanser review/ Лиз Ърл почистваш гел/дегримьор - продукт чудо!

This is a product which everyone should have! It has immediate results - you can see a dramatic difference from the first use. I am still a bit dubious which one is the best - the Clinique Rinse off foaming cleanser £17 or Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser £13. 
I have been using the Liz Earle tester for about 2 months now and I still have about half left  (this is a 30ml. tester); when purchased the whole product is 100 ml. The Clinique one is 150 ml. whole tube. 

They are both:
gentle on the skin
- remove well eye makeup, even waterproof mascara. A downside of Clinique is that it stings a bit on the eyes, so you must be very careful. It is more of an overall cleanser, NOT preferable for the eyes.
- Leaving the skin extra soft and polished, brightened and lively.
-You need the smallest amount from both 
- and although on the pricey side they deserve the fame and glory and are worth
- what you get - amazingly clean skin. 

I would say, however that the Liz Earle cleanser wins because of the muslin cloth. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells and exfoliates while cleansing the makeup. It is not too abrasive and in the end you have healthy looking, glamorous finish, after the long day. There is a very fresh clean scent, which makes it even better.
Which are your favorite products this month? 

Невероятен почистваш продукт. Премахва дори водоустойчив грим и е много нежен към кожата. Изобщо не люти.
*Има свеж, лек, ненатрапчив аромат.
*Оставя кожата супер чиста, изсветлява я леко и заради кърпата, която идва с него *премахва мъртвите клетки
*и ексфолира същевременно.
*Много малко от него (колкото капка вода буквално) стига за премахването на целия грим. 

Този продукт печели малко повече пред Clinique, заради кърпата, с която върви в комплект. Освен това почиства маалко по-добре очния грим; дегримьорът на Клиник люти на очите, страхотен е за почистване на лицето, но не се орепоръчва за премахване на очен грим. Има лек, приятен аромат и се отмива лесно. Оставя кожата сияйна и освежена.
 Иначе и двата силно ги препоръчвам. Цената е доста висока около 26 лева е този на Лиз Ърл и 34 този на Клиник. Но пък първият продукт използвам около 2 месеца и още имам почти половината останало (този е тестер 30 мл.); а при закупуването - цялата опаковка е 100 мл.; 150 мл. на Клиник. 

:)) Кои са вашите продукти чудо този месец?

Boots Haul, July 2013, N7 cosmetics

Today I felt the destructive urge to shop. DO NOT ASK why, I have my reasons...kind of. Believe me, I am NOT the sort of person who finds great delight in spending money for useless things. I'd much rather save. But as they say ''better splurge on time'', which led to my epic fail today. We all know the tricky side of the coupons with discounts and points - as with every *document the magic is hidden in the small print. Why do you need the points? Well if you save up somewhat, somehow above  2 000 you might be able to get something nice for free I guess. I had a 500 extra points voucher if I spend £30 or above. However I did that in 2 different cash points and the kind lady at the 2nd one told me she was very sorry, but it was not valid in that case. £30 pounds should be spent in a single transaction, on a single cash point - no matter that it is with 10 minutes difference in the same BOOTS shop... Oh well, I guess I should blame the bad arrangement of male and female cosmetics...not blame yourself of course.
Anyway I had the best time there as far as a crazy shop-a-holic of the cosmetic-o-freaky kind could have.

I had ran out of foundation (not quite, but that is another story, which would involve comparison between brands). My love with N7 foundations is true and eternal. I have had the mouse one before and simply loved it. Now I was going for the Matte formula, recommended by Lisa Eldridge (one of my favorite makeup artists, with a website and youtube channel) . She recommends that for oily skin, as long as the Clarins Matte foundation, which is about £25.  However when the lovely shop assistant found/matched my skin colour with the machine  she could not match it with the exact foundation of that range, so I've received a tester to see if it will work somehow blended.

That is why I went back to the mousse formula which I already have tested and was impressed with. It was £12, 95 and now you get double points with the receipt until 11th August. There is an offer if you buy 2 products of the brand you can get a free bag with nice samples: primer, tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, lip gloss and mascara, all that in a waterproof bag.
 I will make a review in a week. 
I have also got the largely raved Collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 2, for £4,19.

Another thing coming soon is an amazing Men haul which I did as a surprise for my bf, however that is a subject to another post with recommendations for male grooming products or simply small gift idea for him.
 Have a nice week and work hard for what you really want - there is no shortcut to the easy life, sweat and tears - for lovely years. :) 

Friday, 12 July 2013

REN clear skin cosmetics, FREE with RED magazine, August 2013

RED magazine with a REN skincare mini giftset
REN giftset in RED magazine, august 2013
 Hello lovelies! Hope your summer is as gorgeous and breathtaking as you are!

For the month of August RED  magazine is including a free mini gift set of 3 products by REN cosmetics for £4. Bargain, as a shop-a-holic might exclaim, taking in count the prices for a full size product of the oh-so-famous skincare brand, which has been raved for all around the blogosphere and beauty world.
The set contains:  a Rosa Centiforia Cleansing Gel 15ml/0.5fl.oz.; a Frankincense Revitalizing Night Cream - 3ml/ 0.1 fl.oz. and a Vita-mineral day cream 10 ml./ 0.34 fl.oz. 

That is the perfect holiday travel size kit.  Having the chance to try so many products and see if they work for you mustn't be missed. The plastic bag in which they are can be used for small amount of cosmetics, which you want to secure from leaking - comfortable and handy. Another additive are 2 small samples of Palmolive Ayurituel energy shower gel and Lancome advanced genifique - youth activating concentrate. There is also a leaflet for £15 off when you shop online above £60 in Saynsury's. Those small things hidden between the pages add that bit extra spice to the surprise pack.

The magazine itself is an interesting read. Without the boring and pretty exaggerated sex rules/advice it shines above the bulk of twin-looking magazines. 224 Luxurious pages full with high quality material. And what I like the most - there is no extraordinary amount of gossip. A celebrity bite is part of the game of course, but not overwhelming and thankfully in the form of interviews.
Starting with interesting travel stories, plenty of fashion and makeup inspiration, cooking recipes, and psychology/essay type of articles, this is an overall great read. Even without the included free gifts it deserves to be chosen over the other fashion/style magazines.

I am including part of big brand's adverts, which might inspire your looks for the season.
After a week I will give my opinion on the products.
Have a lovely week and talk to you soon! Kisses...and a smooch!